Construction Coating Solutions is a one stop coating company specialized in the distribution and application of waterproofing, flooring and specialized coating solutions.

Fireproofing Solutions
We are specialists in fireproofing solutions delivering flame and fire retardants, fireproof blankets, intumescent coatings e.t.c.
Waterproofing Solutions
Construction Coating Solutions provides exceptionally tested solutions via elastomeric polyurethane coating membranes which bonds to most substrates like concrete, steel, aluminum, glass, fibre, asbestos, wood, styrofoam and forms an air and water-tight bond to prevent leakages, seepage and corrosion.
Flooring Solutions
We also promise high quality flooring solutions like spayed-on, polyurethane floors, epoxy floors in variant colours & finishes that range from smooth, anti-slip, granular, decorative e.t.c