Aviseal Crystalline Plug


Aviseal Plug is a dark brown, non-shrinking grout formulated to immediately stop flowing water through concrete cracks and holes in seconds. Using an advanced formulation based on Aviseal´s unique waterproofing crystalline system, Aviseal Plug hardens in excess of the concrete into which it has been placed to ensure you repairs stay where they are placed.



  • For stopping water flow for leaking cracks, holes and non-moving joints
  • As part of the Aviseal Crack Repair System
  • As part of the Aviseal Concentrate surface applied system.
  • As a seal stopping seepage around pipes and metal in concrete and masonry
  • As an anchor for bolts and other metals



  • 4 parts powder to 1 part water by volume (not weight)



Aviseal Plug is mixed with water to a dry putty consistency. It can be applied to stop flowing water in concrete, brick and/or block. Aviseal Plug may be applied by hand using gloves to fill holes, cracks, and crevices. The plug should be manually worked and placed within the cavity pressing firmly until it is hard. Refer to Aviseal´s Existing Crack and Joint Repair – (A) Repairs with Flowing Water for full application instruction.

Mix only the enough product to be applied within 1 minute. Do over work the material, as it is extremely quick setting.



Color                              dark grayish brown

Appearance                    powder

Solids                             100%

Bulk density                   1.25

PH                                  13

Compressive Strength    50 Mpa @ 7 days

Shelf Life                       2 years (when kept dry)



1kg per 500 ml



Aviseal Plug possesses high alkalinity. It may cause skin and eye irritation. Use appropriate and suitable protective clothing and eye protection when mixing and or using Aviseal Plug.


Please refer to Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets for health and safety information.



Store in dry location, opened bags or pails will deteriorate if subjected to moisture.



20kg bags

Alternate packing may be made available upon request