Aviseal Barrier Coating


Aviseal Barrier Coating is a fast setting very dense cement grout that utilizes Aviseal’s unique waterproofing technology together with a fast setting high strength grout to provide a unique system for establishing a barrier between concrete or masonry and the surface coating. Aviseal Barrier Coating reacts with the cement component within to create an enhanced hydration of the cement particles reducing cracking and eliminating the ability of moisture to cause delaminating from the substrate. Aviseal Barrier Coating is able to withstand dramatic hydrostatic pressures while locking on to the substrate. This makes it an excellent product for use as a protective barrier coating and repairing damaged areas in concrete and masonry

Recommended for

  • Tie holes
  • Anchoring
  • Surface coating over brick walls
  • Man-holes and sewer pipe
  • Plugging holes
  • Overhead concrete repairs


Aviseal Barrier Coating is a dry powder that when mixed with water to a putty consistency can be trowel applied on concrete, brick and/or block as a surface barrier coating. Aviseal Barrier Coating may also be poured or brush applied as required.

  • Single Coat Trowel Applied Applications: Use 1.5 kg per m2, mixed 7 parts powder to 2 parts water

NOTE: Follow Aviseal Barrier Coating Application Instructions for appropriate surface preparation, application and curing instructions


Color                              dark gray

Appearance                    powder

Solids                             100%

Bulk density                   1.4

PH                                  13

Pressure  Resistance      55 m

Shelf Life                       2 years (when kept dry)



Aviseal Barrier Coating requires wet curing. Follow instructions as contained within the appropriate Aviseal Barrier Coating Application Instructions.



Single coat applications: 1.5 kg powder per 1 m2

As a plugging product: 1 kg per 430 cm3


NOTE: Follow Aviseal Barrier Coating Application Instructions for appropriate surface preparation prior to application



Aviseal Barrier Coating is a cementitous base and as such is alkaline. It may cause skin and eye irritation. Use appropriate and suitable protective clothing and eye protection when mixing and or using Aviseal Barrier Coating.

Please refer to Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets for health and safety information.


Store in dry location, opened bags or pails will deteriorate if subjected to moisture.


20kg bags

Alternate packing may be made available upon request